• CSM/Impact Pastor: Ken Norwood  CC: Diane Bryant
• Community Impact A.C.T.S.: Niki Scott
• Global Impact (Missions): Deb Brown 

Glenagle Campus

• Gleneagle Campus Pastor: Doug Olsen  CC: Catie Pershing
• Gleneagle Kids All Ages: Lindsay Barker
• Gleneagle Secondary: Danielle Hayes  CC: Scarlett Easley


• Rockrimmon Campus Pastor: Matt Ferrell  CC: Sandy Housley
• Rockrimmon Early Childhood: Sue Mitchell
• Rockrimmon Elementary: Hannah Pantle
• Rockrimmon Middle School: Collin Grant  CC: Scarlett Easley
• Rockrimmon High School: Tomy Cummins  CC: Scarlett Easley

Woodmen Heights Campus

• Woodmen Heights Campus Pastor: Rich Griffith  CC: Sandy Housley
• Woodmen Heights Early Childhood: Mindy Harrington
• Woodmen Heights Elementary: Kara Nolle
• Woodmen Heights Secondary Students: Tyler Woolley  CC: Scarlett Easley


• Kids Director: Cheryl Howard  CC: Eloise Burges
• Awana: Stacey Hightchew
• Special Needs (Access): Emily Emerson  CC: Eloise Burges
• 56 (5th & 6th Grade): Kirby Neely  CC: Heidi Kruse
• Students Pastor: Kirby Neely  CC: Scarlett Easley
• College Ministry: Kirby Neely  CC: Scarlett Easley
• Community Groups Director: Karin Harper  CC:Cindy Peete
• Connect Pastor: Bill Roberson  CC: Jeannie Martin
• Connect Coach: Paul Matthys  CC: Julie Jacobsen
• Equipping Pastor: Paul Zigan  CC: Ceana Hildebrand
• Finance Pastor: Tojy Thomas  CC: Crystal Mercado
Stewardship Pastor: Mike Biedermann
• Legacy (60+): Ron Oholendt  Lana Rockwell
• Sports and Rec: Paul Matthys  CC: Julie Jacobsen
• Men: Bill Roberson  CC:  Jeannie Martin
• Women: Traci Hollingsworth  CC: Janelle Blevins
• Military: Todd Dierdorff
• Prison Ministry Pastor: Howie Close
• Single Adults (35+): Jeannie Martin
• Baptisms: Jeannie Martin
• Tech: Annie Stevens
• Worship: Carson Smith
• Facilities & Security: Dave Johnson  
• Grounds & Buildings: Dave Johnson 
• Communication Arts: Don McCaleb  CC: Katie Haas
• Congregational & Crisis Care: Brent Williams  CC: Dee Dee Martin
• Human Resources: Sonja Haas
• Information Technology: Bill Roberson  CC: Catie Pershing
• Campus Ministry Pastor: Doug Olsen  CC: Catie Pershing
• Pastor of Church Life: Joe Stowell  CC: Diane Norris
• Lead Pastor: Josh Lindstrom  CC: Shaylin Harrington