God calls us to lead lives marked by devotion to Him and obedience to His ways and that includes how we raise our families. Staying true to God’s design for parenting can be challenging! See below for some resources to help you better understand God’s heart for children and raising kids in ways that align with His calling.

Don’t Do it alone

Parenting can be hard. The good news is that we aren't called to it on our own. If you are facing parenting challenges and looking for support, don't hesitate to reach out to your Campus Pastor or Ministry Director. They can assist you in finding the resources and care you need. You can email them here:


Watch a Woodmen sermon series focused on parenting. It covers passages from Jeremiah 31:15–20, Colossians 3:1-17, Matthew 18:7-9, and Ephesians 4:1-16 and is taught by Josh Lindstrom and Kurt Birky. 


Foreknown works to come alongside grieving parents who are facing miscarriage, stillbirth or an infant loss. They are a guide as parents process grief and work to help them find encouragement, community, and ultimately the Hope that Jesus has for their future.

Safe Families
Safe Families for Children seeks to keep children safe and families together. The ministry is rooted in faith, fueled by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity and intentional compassion, to build a network of caring and compassionate volunteers to support families facing social isolation. Our goals are to prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system and support and stabilize families.



HomeFront Magazine
HomeFront magazine is a free resource designed to help parents and grandparents disciple children and grandchildren by creating home environments that reflect God and His character. 

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family - Paul David Tripp

The Common Rule - Justin Earley

Habits of the Household - Justin Earley

Boundaries with Kids - Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. Pete Townsend

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys - Steven James & David Thomas

The Art Of Parenting - Dennis and Barbara Rainey

The Smart Stepfamily - Ron L. Deal


Politically Neutral Christ First News Source

The biggest news of the day, summarized in a way you'll actually understand and enjoy, paired with brief Christian perspectives.

Kids Family Guide

This guide can help your kids grow deeper in their understanding of God and faith. Use the prompts and ideas to gather for intentional family time and connect with upcoming opportunities with Woodmen Kids.


Praying Scripture Over Your Child’s Life - Jodie Berndt

Equipping Your Kids’ Faith for a Challenging Culture - Natasha Crain

Effective Habits to Embrace in Parenting - Dr. Randy Schroeder

The Biblical Truths Your Kids Need to Know - Ruth Chou Simons

Practical Advice for Raising Responsible Children - Kay Wyma

Building a Solid Christian Worldview - Greg Koukl

Engaging the Culture in Love and Truth - Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Don’t Give Up Raising an Autistic Child - Julie Homok

Raising Kids with Healthy Boundaries - Dr. Henry Cloud

Living a Life of Bold Faith - Dr. Ervin Lutzer

Surviving Divorce and Single Parenthood – Susan Birdseye

Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Adult Children - Allison Bottke

Grace-Filled Stepparenting

Grandparenting on Purpose

Resources for Kids:

God's Big Story Podcast

Slugs & Bugs - Songs and Bible Verses

Hidden in My Heart - Worship Songs