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As a church, Jesus calls each of us to make disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20).

The word disciple means learner. If we're to be disciples who make disciples, education and equipping are essential to be faithful and fruitful in the mission the Lord has given us. The Woodmen Institute desires to serve men and women who want to grow as disciples in their knowledge of the Bible and theology and want to have this knowledge transform their everyday lives. The Bible is for everyone. Our goal is to make the Bible and theology accessible to everyone through transformative learning environments. The Woodmen Institute focuses on three fundamental aspects of Christian discipleship:

  • Christian Story
  • Christian Belief
  • Christian Formation

In each class, we’ll spend extensive time together in the Scriptures. We'll study the doctrines Christ-followers have held throughout the history of the church and we'll consider together how our participation in the Christian story invites us into a life of worship and mission.


Christian Story
We are all drawn to stories. The epic clash between heroes and villains – or the search for true love. Why do stories capture our imaginations and stir something deep inside of us? Because we are living amid the greatest true story of all time! In this class we will explore the grand narrative of Scripture, from the first pages of Genesis to the end of Revelation. When we understand the story of the Bible, we gain added insights, and the familiar events captured in scripture come alive in deeper and more meaningful ways. Even the confusing and difficult texts become much clearer, as you encounter them in the context of the greatest story ever told.

Christian Belief
What we believe matters. Much of the New Testament was written to address and instruct the church on their beliefs. Theology can seem like a dry and dusty pursuit of academics, far removed from day-to-day life. However, these foundational, orthodox beliefs and essential truths have united and guided Christ-followers throughout history. The goal of this class is to help disciples of Christ understand, explain, and apply the core confessions of the Christian to their everyday lives and relationship with God.

Christian Formation
Do you ever feel like you should be reading the Bible, and praying and fasting even more? Have these spiritual disciplines become impossible to complete; a spiritual to-do list, that leaves you feeling like a failure? In this class, we seek to rightly understand the essential habits and practices that shape the Christian life. Together, we'll discover the biblical life-rhythms that have sustained and enriched the lives of God's people through the centuries. The goal of this class is to help disciples understand, value, and employ these practices in their own lives. as a means of grace and growth in godliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Woodmen Institute courses will be held at the Rockrimmon campus.

The Woodmen Institute is designed for anyone who desires to grow in their love and knowledge of God. Our vision is for every man and woman who calls Woodmen home to participate.

Classes will be held in-person, weekly on Mondays from 6:30-8:30 PM. Each class runs nine weeks and will require about two hours of homework per week, comprised of reading and may include written assignments. Course materials will be provided during the first week. Your attendance and participation are vital as we seek to grow in learning and community.

Class sessions are comprised of cohort discussion, lecture, and formation exercises. A critical component of the Institute is participating in a table cohort of approximately eight people. This could be with people from your Woodmen Community Group or we will match you with a new group. Because we believe it's important to do theology in community, we want to be in conversation with the cohort about what we're learning in class. Making a commitment to the cohort is a foundational part of the learning experience.

Registration opens for Christian Story in August. Class begins in September and finishes in November.
Registration opens for Christian Belief in December. Class begins in January and finishes in April.

Each class will cost $30.

We have two available options for the Institute. You can participate in person with live teaching on Monday night by registering here, or you can choose to do the video curriculumn as a Community Group. You can discuss this option with your Community Group leader to see if it’s right for your group.

Have more questions? Reach out to Karin Harper for more information.