Weather Cancellation

Morning event cancellations should be posted by 6:15 am.

Afternoon activity cancellations should be posted by 10:30 am.

Evening activity cancellations should be posted by 3:30 pm.

A cancellation decision may be made later if conditions deteriorate rapidly.

Weekend Worship services typically are not cancelled but a certain campus may be closed due to weather related issues.

If Woodmen is delayed or closed, all morning activities are cancelled. Decisions concerning weather-related cancellations are generally independent of school districts. Many Women's Ministry events are coordinated with D-20 and D49 closings and may be cancelled even if the building is open. Please check with your ministry lead if you are unsure about cancellations.

Any event can be cancelled by the Ministry Leader or Director regardless of the decision for the church as a whole.

To receive the MOST timely notifications of all Woodmen delays or cancellations, text the word Emergency to 719.428.4288