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Spending time in God's word is important to every believers faith walk. We've selected a couple plans that we wanted to share with you that will take you through the whole bible. Whether you want a daily plan to read through the Bible in one year, or you just need some direction to help you work through the Bible at your own pace, these plans will help.


the Bible recap CHRONOLOGICAL Reading plan

This is a great plan for those of you who want to keep track of your bible reading on your phone. The Bible Recap is a chronological reading plan and follows the story of Scripture as the events occurred. This one-year plan also corresponds to The Bible Recap podcast (available wherever you listen to podcasts). If you want to dive deeper, there is also a corresponding podcast episode after each day's reading and a video to introduce each new book of the Bible.

To subscribe to this plan on your phone, you'll need to download the YouVersion Bible App to your phone (iPhone or Android) and then search for "Bible Recap" under the plans tab on the bottom of the app.

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Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan

If smartphones and digital reading plans aren't your thing, this plan is designed to download or print off and tuck in your bible. You can also begin at any point of the year. This plan is designed for you to read from four separate places in Scripture every day, so you can better grasp the unity of the Scriptures, as well as enjoy the variety of seeing four different viewpoints.

To prevent the frustration of falling behind, the plan only has 25 readings a month. Since you’ll have several “free days” each month, you could set aside a day to either not read at all or to catch up on any readings you may have missed in the past week. If reading through the entire Bible in one year looms as too large a task, you can alter the plan to meet your needs. For example, you could read the gospels and the wisdom books this year, and the other two categories next year.

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