Online Giving

Supporting the Work of Ministry

We believe God is the giver of all we are and all we have. If he is the source of every good thing, then it’s our great privilege to steward our finances and possessions well and to give back to Him. We give not from a sense of obligation or burden, but out of hearts filled with generosity and gratitude.

We find joy not only in giving to God for the sake of His glory but in connecting the dots from the church offering plate to a bright-eyed six-year-old drinking fresh water for the first time in a Peruvian village. Together, our giving is fueling life-changing ministry as we share God’s love around the world, across our city, and at our campuses. We invite you to join us in committing to support the ways God is moving to change lives through the people of Woodmen.

As we celebrate and give praise to the Lord, we’re thanking Him for faithful givers like you. Your giving fuels all of the ways God is working through Woodmen. Lives are being changed through Christ!

Give Online

Online giving: 
Make a one-time gift or arrange for a recurring transfer from your bank account. Giving online is the best way to ensure you’re able to faithfully fulfill your giving commitment even when you’re are out of town or unable to attend a service. Click the button above to get started using our online giving portal pages.

Weekend services:
Simply place cash or checks in the offering at any weekend service.

Send your check to our office
     Woodmen Valley Chapel
     290 East Woodmen Road
     Colorado Springs CO 80919

Be sure to include your name and address on the check and envelope. 

The Woodmen App:
The Woodmen Mobile App makes it easy to give from your phone or tablet any time, plus it’s a great way to stay connected to Woodmen. CLCK HERE to get the app. 

Thank You! However you choose to donate to Woodmen, your generous and faithful giving is making a difference as together we love well and change lives through Christ!