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The pandemic has shaken the world and for many in our city, health and financial hardships are making it hard to see where God is at work. We believe that this is a unique and pivotal moment for the church to clearly and actively display the love of God.

To not only sustain the ongoing work of ministry, but to increase our impact in serving and sharing hope with our city in this unprecedented year, we’ve called the people of Woodmen to join us in the 2020 challenge.

20 Days of Focused Prayer

Join us in seeking God’s compassion for those in need of His saving mercy today. Although our initial 20 days of prayer have wrapped up, you can still use this prayer guide on your own schedule to call out to God on behalf of our city and those who are hurting. We know God works through the prayers of His people. To get the prayer guide, CLICK HERE.

20 Percent

Most of us received a stimulus check or deposit from the federal government this spring. For some, this money has been vital to replace income lost due to the pandemic. But for many, it was an extra opportunity for generosity. We've seen God move as we gave above and beyond our normal tithes in this moment. Although the donation phase of the 2020 Challenge has concluded, we hope you'll continue to seek opportunities to give generously. For more info about how gifts to the 2020 challenge became catalysts for hope and met needs, CLICK HERE.