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Here are just a few glimpses into the ways your gifts to the 2020 Challenge are being used to spark life-change and meet tangible needs in the Pikes Peak region and to foster a brighter future for Colorado Springs.

• To date, the 2020 Challenge has supported 23 local, small businesses, 19 ministries, and 22 families or individuals with vital funds and timely provision. One young mother, fleeing an abusive situation, needed support to get herself and her child to family out of state. Your generosity helped them reach safety.

• Donations to our ACTS food pantry have filled 40 trailers to the brim with food! That’s over 11 tons of food meeting the needs of more than 15,000 individuals. This has enabled ACTS to provide backpacks full of food for our partner schools to give to kids experiencing food scarcity. You've provided thousands of meals and snacks to local first responders at Colorado Springs hospitals, long-term care facilities, and more. You equipped ACTS to give groceries to staff at a Colorado prison that had been hit hard by COVID. And you’re paying it forward: ACTS has been able to support other local food pantries that were experiencing increased demand and nearly-empty shelves.

• 2020 Challenge funds allowed us to further our partnership with the Pikes Peak Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the local chapter of a civil rights organization founded by Martin Luther King, Jr., and to support two small, Spanish-speaking churches in our city who have experienced financial hardships.

• You're making it possible for Woodmen Kids to offer a free digital Summer Day Camp for almost 1,500 boys and girls, many of whom don’t have a home church! What a special opportunity to share the love of Jesus. Will you join in praying for these kids?

Thanks for being part of the 2020 Challenge. We hope you'll join us in continuing to pray for our city and for those who are hurting. We look forward to seeing how God will move in the Pikes Peak region, as we place our hope in Him and seek to share His love in tangible ways with our neighbors and our community.