Huddle FAQ's

What about kids?

Kids are a big deal at Woodmen! Each Huddle may welcome kids in a slightly different way: In some, adults will take turns watching the littles from week to week. In other Huddles, folks will pitch-in to split the cost of a sitter. Huddle hosts have the freedom to work out these details in ways that make sense for their home and for the group. Whether you have kids or not, we want to help you connect with a Huddle that works for you. Once you sign up, check with your host to get the scoop on kids.

How long will Huddles last?

Like a sports team, we won’t stay in the Huddle forever. Huddles offer the perfect time for us to get on the same page to get ready to win the game—to run the race God has before us in the year to come.

All of us are eager to worship together in auditorium-sized groups on campus again, when we can do so in ways that love for our neighbors well, value life and respect those in authority, while providing a meaningful worship experience for all. We’re not at this point yet. We continue to explore all options and prepare for the day when we can gather again in big groups that fully align with these principles. For a deeper dive into the values at the forefront in these decisions, CLICK HERE.

In the meantime, we continue to be amazed at the ways God is moving as we worship and connect online, serve and meet needs in our city. After much prayer and thorough consideration, we’re excited about Huddles as the best call for our church this summer.

What about SAFETY?

It’s a given that we all accept some virus-related risk any time we’re around others. But we want Huddles to gather in ways that encourage the health and safety of all involved. We strongly advise all Huddles to practice physical distancing, wear face-coverings and wash hands frequently. For Huddles meeting at Woodmen campuses, we'll be doing extra work to sanitize facilities and we'll be asking everyone to comply with the current state order requiring masks inside public spaces, as a way to show love and care for our neighbors. We see Huddles as smaller, consistent social circles, which, when compared to large weekend worship gatherings, will help to foster positive public health outcomes for our community.

When should I stay home?

Stay home from your Huddle if you feel sick, have a fever, have reason to believe you have been exposed to the Coronavirus within the last 14 days, or you might be more vulnerable due to your age or an underlying condition. We value your health and safety, along with the wellbeing of others in your group. When you can’t join your Huddle, please plan to worship with us online from the comfort of your home. If you have health needs and the church can be of assistance to you, please CLICK HERE to let us know.

How do I start a Huddle?

We’re looking for more Huddle hosts! It’s easy and it’s a great way to serve and make a difference in the lives of others this summer. We’ll provide you with all the resources and coaching you need to get up and running. If you’re a mature Christ-follower and you’re interested, CLICK HERE to email Karin Harper, our Grow Director, to get the ball rolling.