WH Men's Study: Refuge AM


May 24 - Aug 24


Woodmen Heights Campus
Woodmen Heights - Atrium


Men, join us and take the journey from transition to triumph! As we saw in a previous Study of the “Jordan River Rules” by Robert J. Morgan, how God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, where Robert Jordan offered ten strategies for dealing with hard times and discouragement in order to move from fear to faith: a divine protocol for handling life.

Now, we will embark on this new journey, just as God parted the waters of the Red Sea to allow Israel an escape from the Egyptian armies, He stopped the flow of the Jordan River to provide the Israelites safe passage to the Promised Land! Learn from the story of Joshua and the Israelites in their journey as they experience incredible transition, lessons, obstacles, and victory.

This 10-session study guide accompanies the book; The Jordan River Rules, offering us as individuals and as a group, a study experience that will help us dig into the Scripture, reflect on our own lives, and make solid plans to move forward. Each of the ten sessions includes four main elements: 'Look Backward,' encouraging a deeper dive into Scriptural principles, 'Look Inward,' prompting introspection, 'Move Forward,' suggesting specific application of principles learned, and 'Journal,' reminding readers to log their journey along the way.

Join us for the exciting and comprehensive 10-week study starting on August 30, 2022.


Please contact Bob Jackson if you are interested in attending this study, so additional study material can be ordered. The cost of the materials will be $10.00/person.

Please look for our next upcoming men's study on "Jordan River Rules" by Robert J Morgan.  Contact Bob Jackson if you'd like to be part of our next study starting August 30.