Singleness, Community, Kingdom


Sep 14 - Oct 5


Peak Place Coffee - 2360 Montebello Square Dr, Ste h1, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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Next class will start in January. And it will actually be on TUESDAY NIGHTS. 

Whether you are married, never-been-married, divorced, widowed, or a single-parent, this discussion is for you. The health of the Church as a whole (not to mention the health of our marriages) is directly correlated to how we view Christian singleness.

Topics will include: the American sexual ethic’s infiltration of the Church, how Christian singleness points the Church to God’s future, singleness and the LGBTQ conversation, spiritual friendship, longing and loneliness, Kingdom community, etc.

While the Western evangelical Church has long regarded marriage and parenting as central to the thriving Church, singleness (chosen or not) has more often been regarded as a problem to be solved. Many singles feel like second-class members of the Church, unsure of where their life experience fits into the larger picture of the Church’s life and mission. Because the biblical view of singleness is radically counter-cultural, this class will challenge some of our long-held assumptions about the nuclear family and singleness, casting vision for a return to the diverse communities exhibited by the early Church. 

This class will be taught by Elana, an amazing single woman who has walked through both the heartaches and the joys of being single in the Church. Her desire is to rebuild the dignity of singleness in the Church. She will share from a Biblical perspective as well as from her lived experience. This will be a very rich conversation and will benefit anyone who participates, no matter what your marital status is. 

Registration closed on Monday, October 5, 2020