Nicaragua #5

What a week it has been! On Friday morning, we did one final round of home visits with ORPHANetwork and leaders from Verbo Church. Just as before, we prayed with each family and delivered food to them. At lunchtime, we all gathered at Verbo Church to help with distributing food at the ORPHANetwork feeding program one last time.

After lunch, the children piled into the church for our movie event! We served popcorn, cookies, and drinks as the children watched a kid’s movie about the parable of the Prodigal Son. After the movie, I asked the children some questions about what they saw and how it influences our view of God and His grace.

In between our scheduled events, we played a LOT of soccer with the children. Our team of residents was left sore and sunburned, but the smiles and laughter from those children made it more than worth it! It was bittersweet to say goodbye to them today, but we are filled with so much joy at how God has moved this week. We are very thankful for your prayers this week - we definitely saw them in action!

- Jonny Zapanta for the team