Zimbabwe NOV 2023 #3

Today we finished our fourth and last full day at the CURE Hospital! We continued to help out and observe in different departments throughout the hospital and had the opportunity to do more bed side ministry. We also shared and acted out the story of Queen Esther. After reading the story, each child made and decorated their own crown. Sharing this story taught the kids that God gives them the power they need!

Our team also had the opportunity to be apart of two different home visits. Home visits are when staff members from CURE visit past patient's homes and sees how they are doing post operation. They spend time with them through meaningful conversations and interactions. CURE also provides each family they visit with gift bags full of helpful cooking supplies - rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar, salt, mielie meal, and a bag of sweets! Our team split up for the two home visits and sent six to one house in the morning and six to another in the afternoon. Both were great opportunities to see a child post operation, back at home, living their daily life out of the hospital. The home visits were great reminders of God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives. He is a God of hope and a God of healing!

We are very sad to be leaving Zimbabwe soon but thankful for the relationships, opportunities, and experiences we have had. We would appreciate continued prayer for the rest of our time in Zimbabwe!

- Katie for the team