Zimbabwe OCT 2023 #2

Today was our third day at the CURE hospital! We started our morning off with department devotionals, then went into bed side ministry and spending time with the outpatients. Bed side ministry provides an opportunity for our team and the spiritual ministry staff at CURE to go bed to bed in the pre and post operation areas to have conversations and prayer with the patients and their families. Spending time with the outpatients consisted of handing out balloon animals, stickers, and coloring scratch off art to the kids and having many meaningful conversations and interactions. 

Throughout the day, our team is able to help out or observe in different departments of the hospital. A few of the departments we helped out in are facilities, kitchen, and housekeeping while some of our team has been able to observe surgeries and physical therapy. Our time in the departments provide time to listen to, converse with, and serve the staff within the specific departments. By spending time with each department, our team members have seen the joy of the Lord and the hearts CURE staff has for building up the kingdom and loving others the way God does. 

Please continue to pray for our team as we wrap up our last few days here in Zimbabwe. We thank God for the opportunities He has given us on the trip and we look forward to see the future opportunities soon to come here in Zimbabwe. 

- Katie for the team