Estonia July 2019 Day 1


Throughout my day I have been thinking a lot about my mission trip to Peru in 2017. As many people know (thanks to Kirby) I had a seizure on the flight to Lima, which was followed by a panic attack and plenty of fear, discomfort, and lack of understanding of what God had planned for me. What I didn’t realize on that day was how lucky I was to have experienced that. I didn’t know anyone on my team leading up to the trip, and then when I was broken down to such a low level of comfort, I was forced to ask for help. As we sit here in the Denver airport after 12 hours, with 22 more to go, I am realizing how far out of our comfort zone we all are. Many of us don’t have a change of clothes or a pillow, and we are trying to find peace all while our bags are missing in Chicago. However, I know our trip will be so much more impactful than it would’ve been if we boarded our original flight 10 hours ago. We are building deeper, meaningful friendships in our group through exploring the airport, playing games to pass time, and praying desperately for God to show us the purpose of this insane delay. Being out of our comfort zones has forced us to rely completely on God and on each other, and when independence is no longer an option, deep relationships are built so much quicker. I am confident that this is exactly what God has had planned for us as we prepared for this trip, and I am so excited to see what else he has in store.

Carrie Frasier