Mexico blog #5

This morning began, as so many do, with Kyle’s voice: “Guys, you have to get up,” to which we promptly didn’t. Big man, Cooper, and I had the joyous opportunity to get up even earlier and help prepare breakfast for the rest of the team. So, we did, and it was BOMB. Following the team eating breakfast, we split up into the three different teams again, bricks, trees, and paint. All the teams did incredible work and came back for lunch happily telling stories and joking about it. Following lunch, we had a short time before we were to leave for outreach and so we all agreed to go jump in their old fish pond which now acts as an incredible swimming pool. But, obviously swimming is not why we’re here, and so we quickly, (some less quickly than others), showered and got ready for another day of outreach and VBS; We got to hang out with lots of new kids in a new village, play soccer and basketball, and dance to the music. Then our wonderful skit team came and performed Daniel and the Lion’s den and we got to dance our dances again! Nayeli, showing incredible patience with the kids, once again shared Christ’s message and the gospel with both the kids and their parents and we now pray that they remember that message and God will work through them and touch their hearts. After VBS, we came home and ate dinner, delicious beef tacos with lime, and then prepared ourselves for our debrief. Lindsay, Addi, Taytum, and I got to lead the team once again in three songs, and, I may be biased, but hearing everyone sing and praise God is one of my favorite moments of each day. Finally, we all sat down and listened to some our teammates share their testimonies, which is another incredible God moment each day to hear each other’s vulnerabilities, faith, trust, and relationship in God. It is clear to see God’s already working in this place, before and without us, but I am happy the Lord is continuing to use us to support His greater plan. ​​​​​​​​

- Drew