Fort Collins June 2023 day 1

This morning we all meet at the Rockrimmon campus to gather before we left for Fort Collins. During this time we took the time to celebrate our excitement for the trip. Before loading up in the vans, the team and a few of our parents all gathered in the parking lot to pray for over our team and the trip that we were heading on. We then said our final goodbyes and loaded up in the vans for the fun two hour drive ahead of us.

Depending on whatever van you were in, the music, conversations, and jokes differed; either Taylor Swift, worship songs, or country music...? Anyway, we got to see country land whiz by, and numerous people waved at whoever was passing by them; and soon, after lots of singing, trying to nap, and talking, we made it to GP, the Genesis Project, where we would be staying. We unloaded our luggage and put it in our respective rooms, and made our lunches.

We all gathered in the gym and ate lunch and played basketball with oranges. We talked about the day and what would happen next. After lunch we went to set up for the Wanted camp for the GP kids tomorrow. We got all the decorations out and set up the stage. We also got our groups for the next week and what we will be helping out with. After we ate dinner the pastor Rob share his testimony.

We went to the reservoir and each group prayed over Fort Collins. The water was beautiful during the sunset.  We drove back to Genesis Project and started a devotional and debrief, Annie and Hannah led worship for the group and we talked about how we can Love Well while working with Genesis Project doing the VBS.

- Ella's small group