Mexico blog 4

The first morning back after Arriaga, one of our hosts Nayeli prepared and shared a wonderful devotional with us after breakfast. After an awesome opportunity to help our hosts, by planting trees, making bricks, and prepping the playground to be painted. For lunch we had Mexican spaghetti and plenty of soda to go with it. We also had the opportunity to serve a village around the base and walked around asking the locals to come and join our fiesta down in the park area. We played basketball with the village kids along with painting their nails and I (Addi) was helping with face paint. With the help of Nayeli and her wonderfully choreographed dance, we had so much fun dancing for the kids. After we were done dancing Pastor Bill invited all the parents and children to listen as he shared to the Gospel with them, after he was done talking many parents and children came to Christ by asking Pastor Bill to bless them and help them to be saved. Many children and parents wanted pictures with us, and we made plenty of friends even with the language barrier. Back at the base we had a delicious American style dinner of hot dogs and fries along with more soda. After dinner we settled down and began worship and then did a debrief about our day today. We also stared something new we like to call kudos, where we shout a team member and praise them for what amazing things we saw in them that day, after our debrief we shared some very powerful testimonies and ended the night with a group prayer.​​​​​​​​​​​​

- Addi, Hallie, Emily, Bekah