Mexico Blog #3

After spending the night in Arriaga, we had breakfast and Drew prepared a wonderful devotional to start our Sunday morning. The church had an amazing service with tons of worship and a nice Father’s Day tribute. The Sermon was around two hours long but at the end people were walking up to the front and asking God to come into their hearts. There was so much prayer and community and even with the language barrier we could still connect with people. About 30 minutes later after hanging out with the church and everyone who attended, we went back to our house and had delicious chicken wings for lunch. A family from Venezuela was walking to the border and the owners, Bill and Tammy, let them in to feed them. We said goodbye to Arriaga and drove back to the base. Me (Graham), Kyle, Ma&, and Drew explored the base and looked at the ostriches and chickens. They found a /shpond without any /sh that some of the kids were swimming in. The rest of the group was practicing the “Fuego Fuego” dance. Once we joined them, we all did it one more time then just hung out on and around the basketball court playing knock out and volleyball. Around 7:30 we ate breakfast burritos for dinner. We shared some “God Moments” with each other during debrief and heard testimonies from Sawyer, Madi, Ma&, Hallie, and Jesse. After that we stayed up hanging out and Lindsay andDrew played the guitar, and we all sang songs the everyone headed o9 to bed to get some rest for day four. 

- Graham