Mexico blog #2

After a good night’s rest (for some of us) we woke up ready to start day two! Our first full day in Mexico! The girls woke up and headed to breakfast where we had delicious pancakes and eggs. We listened to devotional that Riley and Sawyer put together. After breakfast we packed up to go to Arriaga to serve and attend church tomorrow. We drove up to Arriaga and settled into our temporary home. Me (Taytum) Bekah, and Amanda got to work cleaning out an old room in the house we are staying in. it was an amazing transformation as we prepared to hopefully turn the house into a Christian school one day! Then we had a fantastic lunch of steak tacos and Horchata. After that we headed to the church. We were given instructions to get in groups and begin to pray for food we would soon deliver. We tried to get “clues” from God on what houses/people we should visit. My team came up with A foot, a sunflower, a white house with yellow bottom, and a red cloth in a tree. When we set out to villages with translators and church attenders, we kept an eye out for these signs. Personally, I saw a woman wearing a sunflower dress and was able to pray for recovery for her recent surgery. The most insane part was that we also found a red cloth in a tree! Although unexpected it was a sure sign of God’s work. We headed back to the church and shared the stories from our time with each other. We went back to the place we are staying and ate dinner, shared testimonies, and did worship. It was a great day.

- Taytum