Mexico blog #1

Travel day for the team. We started our day super early and we needed to be at the airport at 3:30am! We checked in, but half of us got through security before the rest, leaving the second group with a challenge ahead of them. DIA didn’t know what they were getting themselves into…

The first group successfully made it through security and to the gate with a bit of time to spare. They felt like the parents from Home Alone leaving a bunch of Kevins behind. The second group made a mad dash through the airport and security to make it to the gate just as the last call for boarding passengers was called. We all scrambled into the plane and sat down for a flight to Salt Lake.

Arriving in Salt Lake, we did a head count and sighed in relief: the Kevins were all there and accounted for. We grouped up by our next gate and figured out what we wanted to do. It turns out the only thing you can think of when you’ve been up super early is eating. The girls split off and headed to Panera to buy overpriced airport Panera. The boys realized a few seconds later what was happening and followed. (Communication was slow in the hard game of sleep-deprived telephone.) Apparently, Panera was out of smoothies so a group of us later walked past two moving walkways to get a smoothie at Jamba juice. A few of the boys conked out before the long flight ahead of us. Finally, the time to board came and we stood in line to get our pictures taken. (You know, those pictures of you when you aren’t ready and looking). Getting onto this flight (only our second flight of three), none of us knew how long a four hour flight would be…

After a long flight to Mexico city we landed and went through customs and security again. Security was fun because almost everyone either got stopped or had to get a wand screening or pat down. After that we didn’t have an assigned gate so we went our separate ways to get something to eat. After everyone had something to eat we thought we knew where our gate was but we then figured out that we needed to go the opposite side of the airport from where we got in from security. Eventually we got to the actual gate we need to be at to get on a 1 ½ hour flight to Tuxtla…

We were then ready to board the plane. The majority of us had to check ours bags because they were too big, but then we finally got into the plane. We arrived in Tuxtla where we met Nayely and waited for the buses. After what seemed a really long time, we started driving to go get dinner. We went to a very gourmet dominos, with two stories and a really cool play area. The pizza was amazing and we also had apple soda after being dehydrated for a very long time. We were then ready for our two hour drive to the base!

Once we made it to the base, we went to our rooms and got ready for bed. The missionaries left each of us a bible verse and a snack on our beds and we made ourselves right at home. All the girls took showers and then we had one of the best nights of sleep ever! It was a long day of travel and we are so eager to get to work and see what God will do on this trip!


- Heather, Lindsay, Hope, Emily, Bekah, Hallie, and Madi