Nashville Day #6 - Last Day of VBS

In the morning, we did our morning awake dance: “I’m alive awake alert enthusiastic” sung to the tune of “if you are happy and you know it.” We ate an absolutely scrumptious breakfast, except for the banana and Copey had eight small cups of half-n-half. Then we loaded into vans for the last day of VBS. We did our morning devotional at Proclamation which was about serving out of our love for Jesus. We started VBS with the worship and skit. After that the day passed with endlessly long hours (a total of 2 hours), everyone enjoyed some amazing snow cones. As the VBS wrapped up, tears were shed as goodbyes were said (shout out to the awesome kids at Proclamation Church). As the final kid waved goodbye, we filled our rumbling tummies with leftovers. As this was our final day at Proclamations, we, as a team, made sure we left the building squeaky clean. Next, we left for Nashville Shores for our fun day. We had many a fun time there. We rode many entertaining attractions. I, Nathan, and I, Sam screamed while going down one of the rides. Easton pranked Elly and acted like he passed out on a giant water slide but he really didn’t, he just wanted to mess with everyone. Once again, our rumbling bellies beckoned, so we stopped by Whattaburger and Chipotle on the way back to the hotel, where we ate dinner by the pool and hung out and discovered each others true laughs. 


Sam and Nathan


- Sam and Nathan