Romania #3

Hello friends! Today we’ve had a very full day in Romania. We began this morning with breakfast and a devotional over Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8, where our main takeaway was that when we align ourselves with Gods direction, whether it’s Him saying “go here,” or “do this,” He is able to do abundantly more than we could ever imagine!

We spent much of our day today in UBC 22’s warehouse where pallets filled with supplies and donations are stored for future use; this includes clothing, nonperishable food items, medical supplies, among many other things. The organization recently received a huge shipment of donations from Liberty University, so we helped unload and rearrange the space to allow room for all the new supplies! After a quick lunch at the local IKEA, one of our main tasks this afternoon was to reorganize food items (namely navy beans) from large bulk bags into smaller, family sized packages to be given to refugees. This took most of the afternoon for many of us, and we were so glad to do it! We had lots of meaningful conversations around the bean table.

After the warehouse work, we made it over to the church just in time for an evening service of worship and prayer. We were all so inspired by the willingness and boldness of many members of the church who prayed openly about their struggles, believing that God would work in them. However, after we finally got a moment to stop working, we all realized how very tired we were!

During our debrief this evening, we all shared how our work today aligned so well with the devo we had this morning. When we simply followed the instruction of “go here,” or “do this,” or “put these beans into bags,” we were obeying Gods direction, even if it wasn’t all that glamorous or exciting. We know and trust that God will do infinitely more to bless people with the warehouse items than we can imagine!

- Pray for continued endurance in faith for the people we’re partnering with. This has been a long journey for them with many changes, and it’s far from over!
- Pray for those who will be blessed by the supplies we rearranged today, and for generosity to continue to flourish!
- Pray for our jet lag and rest :)

- Mariah for the team