Guatemala - July 19

This morning, some of us got up earlier for some quiet time with Jesus on the roof by journaling, listening to worship music, and reading our Bible. Breakfast started at 7 am (as it always does), and we were on our way at 8am for our first day of vbs for the kids at Cruz Blanca. Once we got there, all the teams started setting up to begin sessions for the kids to play, do crafts, worship, and learn about Daniel and the lions den. Each session was about 25 minutes long, so it was a great time to get to know the kids and to make connections with them. After all the kids came through in the first session, we all went outside for an epic game of soccer. It was a great time to bond even more with the team. After soccer, we had lunch at 12 pm and listened to a story about how UNUM came to be, which was amazing to hear the heart and soul behind the ministry and what they have done for the Cruz Blanca community. When we finished lunch, we had the second group of kids come in the afternoon and continued to make relationships with them. At that point we had warmed up to how different the language barrier was and we started to be able to communicate better with the kids through the crafts, worship, games, and teaching. The second session ended around 3 and then we all started construction work again by filling in one of the ditches with dirt like we had been doing the past few days. It’s amazing to see the team work so hard and so well together because we are all in on whatever project they have for us. We then drove back to Mimis House and had dinner around 6 pm, and then had our debrief for the night. Tonight we heard carter and Jonathan’s testimonies, worshiped, and shared some great laughs. 

     I love being able to see how well our team gets along and how close we have al become in the past few days. It is amazing to see how God is working through each and every one of us in so many different ways, and we are all so excited to share this experience and serve the Lord together. 

- Taylor Jennings