Students - July 2021 - Nashville - Day 2

Today we woke up to a loud alarm at 8:00am. We got all fancy for church then headed down stairs for an amazing hotel breakfast. After breakfast we went to a church service at Proclamation church. The preaching and worship were very good and the sermon was about food. Next we ate lunch and changed into less fancy clothes. We spilt into groups and headed our separate ways, three groups put coins into washers and dyers at laundry mats and talked to the people there, inviting them to attend Proclamation church. Some locations didn’t have English speakers, but we were able to talk to the homeless people sitting outside. The other group helped some people from Proclamation move boxes and furniture. After serving at the laundry mat one group went to the dollar store and picked trash. Then all the groups met up at an apartment complex and picked up trash but we had to stop because it started to down pour. When we got back to the hotel we wrote postcards to thank our donors and soon we will be heading to dinner. Today, I learned that the area we served is very diverse. People from the Middle East, South America and all walks of life have moved to Nashville and now live here. 

-Greydi Neely 

If you would like to see more photos of the Nashville trip, you can visit our Smug Mug HERE




- Greydi Neely