In good times and in hard times, setting our hearts on God—on His truth, His goodness and His glory—restores our souls, forms our hearts to be more like His and allows us to light the way for others.

In this weekend’s worship service, we kick off a brand new teaching series called “Willing and Able.” Together we’ll explore the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in a town called Corinth. Paul shares principles for living in a divided and diverse culture. The truths in this 2000-year-old text will shine a spotlight on how we can live in ways that are faithful to the teachings and life of Jesus, and invite those around us toward God's love. As this new year begins, get in the worship habit!

You can worship online at your home or in a Huddle. Thousands of people here in Colorado Springs and around the world continue to learn and left up the name of Christ through our online services each week. A new service drops on Saturday at 6 PM. You can watch any time RIGHT HERE.

This weekend, we’ll begin limited on-campus worship services. We’ll gather in ways that show care for our neighbors and help keep one another safe and healthy. So we’ll wear masks and keep six feet apart from other groups. We won’t be handing out bulletins or passing offering plates. You’ll be able to access our digital Service Guide by scanning a QR code as you enter the service, or through the Woodmen app. You can contribute your offering online or at the back on the way out. To help us prepare and make sure we have plenty of room for everyone, please take a moment to let us know you’ll be joining us. You can REGISTER HERE.