Partners in the Gospel Rockrimmon FAQ

With the construction of Phase 1 of our Rockrimmon renovation complete and the fundraising for Phase 2 underway, here are answers to the questions that come up most frequently.

Will the church borrow money for the project?
No. We’re committed to wise stewardship and we believe God is calling us, together as a church, to self-fund the work through donations. We are glad to report that Phase 1 was completed on time and on budget, without the need for any loans.

How much do we need to complete the work?
Together we need to raise $2.6 million. Here’s the breakdown on the on how these funds will be used:

$1,300,000 - Phase 1: Completed fall 2017 (Roof Replacement , Coffee Shop, Gathering Space, Multipurpose Room)

$1,300,000 - Phase 2: Raising funds now (Classrooms for kids, birth through K)

When will work begin?
In alignment with the stewardship guidelines set forth by our elders, each phase of construction will begin when contributions totaling 80% of the full cost for that phase have been received. So, for example, when $1,040,000 is received (80% of the phase 2 cost), we will be able to move forward with construction for phase 2. Our goal is to hit this 80% mark in the summer of 2018. 

Is there a specific timetable for giving?
Yes. We're trusting God in the hope that we can welcome kids into these new classrooms for the holiday season of 2018. Although you are welcome to give at any time during 2018, to help us reach this goal, we're asking each family who calls Rockrimmon their home campus to prayerfully consider giving $200-per-month for four months (March, April, May and June, 2018) in addition to their regular tithes and offerings. We've crunched the numbers and this approach will keep us on track to have the entire amount raised in time for families to experience and enjoy the new kids spaces this Christmas Eve. Of course we know that every family is different, so God may call some to give thousands of dollars, while others may not be able to give at all. We believe the $200-a-month figure is a good starting place as each of us seeks God's guidance about our part in this vital work.  

Why were the gathering spaces completed before the children's classrooms?

Every part of the initiative is important. Based on building codes, occupancy regulations, workflow and entry and exit from the building, the sequence that made the most sense was to begin with the gathering spaces, nearest the doors, and then work toward the back of the building.

Will the kids classrooms in Phase 2 have individual restrooms?
Yes. Each classroom will have adjacent restrooms to keep things safe and convenient for teachers and kids

Who can I contact if I still have questions? 719.388.5000
Doug Olsen – Initiative Director  |  Matt Ferrell – Rockrimmon Campus Pastor

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