Rockrimmon Campus Initiative

Update on Partners in the gospel Rockrimmon

by Pastor matt Ferrell on march 19, 2017

We know that the church is made of people, not buildings. But for people to gather and thrive in community, facilities can be dynamic tools for God’s glory. Each of Woodmen’s campuses has a unique need and opportunity ahead.

The opportunity at our Rockrimmon campus was born of adversity. In 2015, a water main burst in our Worship Center, leaving the lower level flooded with 19 inches of standing water. In the aftermath, we were presented with an unexpected opening: Since the lower level now requires extensive renovation, why not rethink the best use of this space?

As our leaders and elders prayerfully considered the best course, we unanimously agreed that now is the time to reimagine the lower level in a way that will better serve the needs of our community for the future. Two key priorities emerged:

Kids – As Woodmen reaches more young families, we want to create a fun, secure, kid-friendly space in the lower level for birth through five-year-olds to experience the love of Jesus in a spot that makes life easier for new parents.

Community – Christ calls the church to care about people and relationships, but at Rockrimmon we currently have no place for people to connect in a relaxed setting.  What if we had gathering spaces for people to get to know each other and to grow in their faith? What if we had a first-rate coffee shop that not only served amazing espressos, but also became a destination for community and belonging?

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We’ll see all of these spaces come to life through the Partners in the Gospel initiative. We believe this is the work God is calling us to in this season, and that these changes will set us up to reach northwest Colorado Springs for years to come.

Our long-term strategic plan also includes improved spaces for older kids and students, which will mean future updates to the Stone Chapel, Noah’s Ark and the Community Center. But we trust God will lead us when the time is right to move on these projects in the years to come.

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